launched! free websites for creators and influencers

Today marks the launch of ! a website builder built specifically for creators and influencers.

Current website builders are built primarly for small businesses, they are designed to create static content web pages, forms, catalogues, and physical product pages. The main purpose of a website from a small business owner perspective is to informe, generate leads and drive sales.

Creators and influencers on the other hand, have a different set of requirements, they have an audience that they want to own, engage, grow and monetize. We designed to fulfill those needs.

With you can have your free website with the following features:

  • Link to all your social accounts
  • Manage all your other links
  • Have a contact form, no need to expose your email again, no more spam.
  • Own your audience by building an email list and by receiving direct payments from your fans or clients, no middle man.
  • Monetize your audience by receiving donations, selling digital content (posts, videos, images, books or files), setting up crowdfunding campaigns to fund your next projects…
  • Grow and engage your audience by running contests, quizzes, polls, challenges, games…
  • Create landing pages
  • Analytics
  • and much more!

Start now and create your free website in under 5 minutes!

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